Imagine all those who don’t know Christ. Who are so lost in the darkness. They find ways, of committing suicide, drugs or alcohol. And they don’t know that there is light. Hey we “Christians” are so stubborn at times. Why do we only think about saving our selves. Didn’t God save people, He preached His word. He talked to sinful, dirty people. He never felt ashamed, but why do we? Are we afraid that people will laugh at us, judge us, says why are talking to people who are filthy. Who don’t even have a home,we’re they called to come to, we’re they could be loved by someone. Jesus died for “our” sims. He cleanses our sins. He cleanses our heart. To make it look beautiful and shiny. God came upon this earth to save people. Isn’t what were supposed to do. Is to go out in the world and save people to tell them about Jesus. That Jesus loves you, so much that He died on that cross for us. So much blood He has shed, so much pain He was in. But we are so use to living in this world, that we hear that Jesus died for us.But we never  take it to heart. We don’t feel what Jesus felt. Has anyone wanted to feel Jesus’s pain when He was on the cross? There is so much people dying that are going to hell, because we are not stepping up our game,and were not walking where Jesus walks. Every soul for God is precious. He hates seeing people dying in sin. People are dying because they don’t know there is light. Isn’t our mission on this earth is to preach the gospel. Is it to bring people closer to God “isn’t it?”

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