Live for God!





Don’t just stand there, stop living for yourself! Give everything to God, let Him control your life. Stop getting yourself dirty! Aren’t you sick of that? Aren’t you sick of going back and doing it again? Why why why do that! Jesus died for our sins to free us from their chains! Stop making yourself proud, feeling that your righteous! We are all sinners, we are not perfect, we all fail at life, but God, God helps us out! Yes, at times He makes us go through a hard path in life, but “why” you ask yourself, because He wants you stronger to do his work! Look to your left, to your right, that person next to you might be brokne inside. Maybe he/she wanted to commited suicide but something keeps stopping them! Maybe he/she are not loved by others, constantly being judged, being laughed at by the clothes they wear. We are not perfect, we make mistakes! But we learn from them and we know then to not make the same mistake again!

God loves you so stop putting yourself down, don’t let the devil get to you because he will do anything to have you! But you’re not his, you’re God’s child so start living for God. He has a plan for each of us. Imagine all of us getting together and doing God’s work, He can do such great things through us! We think this world is enjoyable, all the worldly things fulfill you, don’t fool yourself! There will come a time when you will stop enjoying yourself, you won’t find fulfillment in it! Let’s find good things in people, let’s stop judging people because of their race, clothes or the way they act. Let’s help each other out, let’s hold each other’s hands and support and pray for each other, lets not put ourselves down and think we’re not good enough! We are people, we will never make other people proud because of our doings! It’s not always about us but about God, about helping each other out! God has a plan for us, we should all join as one and pray and see what God wants us to do! Stop living for yourself, for your joy that brings sin, you will never be happy! Get out of this dirty place, you know God will clean the broken heart, He will put the broken pieces into the right place. Imagine if all the rain that poured down on us was God’s tears, the tears that He cries for us. I know God has pain too, He hates seeing us lost, being controlled by the devil. He wants you, my child! We are His children. As our adventure grows with God, there will be temptations but through those temptations you grow more in Christ. Live for God! Live for God! It doesn’t matter what people say, you will not be judged by people but only by God

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