I Am Free

I want to stand in the middle of the fog I want to feel no pain, I want the fog to wash away my thoughts, let the breeze brush against my body, let my soul rhyme with the wind. I hear the drums beating against my soul, I begin to dance to the rhythm of the wind and drums, as I begin to move with the direction of the wind. Wind where are you leading me to? Am I imagining or am I dreaming? No, wind I don’t want to go there, don’t push me. I can’t stop myself, the wind has control of me, why did I let this happen. As I dance with the wind, it pushes me towards the woods, into the darkness, why is my soul screaming for the woods, that’s where the darkness is. As I enter the woods, the wind leaves me, it drops me into bush of thrones, right in the woods. It’s dark, I hear voices, why are they calling my name. Wind don’t let me go please don’t. I begin to feel pain, I feel the blood gushing out, Isn’t that I wanted to feel the pain. As I try to get out of the thorns, the thorns are pierced into my skin, I feel blood dripping down my face, why is this happening to me? WHY? I feel the darkness surround me, I feel the fear. Im trying to set myself free, as I do I’m covered in blood, everything hurts. The voices are getting closer to me, I have to get out of here, I don’t see anyway out, the darkness has surrounded me, its to late. Noo, somebody save me, I’m weak, I cant get up, somebody help me?  I feel the death near me, its right behind me, but no I’m not ready Noo, the darkness has taken my last breath. I didn’t have time to say goodbyes, I didn’t have time to say how much I loved them. But as I’m laying taking my last breathe somebody grabs my hand. As I open my eyes, I see Jesus taking my hand. He picked me up and cleansed me with His love and blood. I AM FREE from this darkness.

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