Pornography it’s an addiction. You look at it once, your eyes open to a new entire life. You begin to watch it, at first for 10 mins, then for 30 mins and then you realize you can’t stop watching it. You let your eyes open to a different world and you feed your soul with the dirtiness that you watch every night. You say to yourself, no, tomorrow I’ll stop, but that tomorrow never comes. You can’t stop yourself, you can’t live without it for a day. It becomes an addiction. You let the devil into your heart, you let him overtake you in that dirty world of his. Now you can’t stop, you can’t live without watching it once more. It becomes part of your life. And you begin to see yourself fall, fall like a eagle getting his pray, you fall hard, into a big deep hole. But you say to your self it’s nothing, I will get out of it. I will get on the right path. But it still keeps going, it goes on for days even years and you can’t stop your self. It became a cycle of your life. But everyday you tell yourself, I’ll go to church, lll ask God for forgiveness but that NEVER happens. WHY? May I ask why? The devil got you, you think it’s fine what I’m doing, it’s nothing. No it has become an addiction that you can’t live without, that you need to feed your eyes and soul somehow, to have that fulfillment, but that fulfillment won’t last for a long time. You let your eyes see a little bit of it, and it just became a big part of life. It became a bigger problem then you ever knew. Its taken you into a sink hole, depression comes along, suicidal thoughts, sadness, sorrow, and pain. All the joy and happiness was dissolving slowly away. Oh how happy was the devil that he got another soul. All that was eating you alive day by day. It became worse day by day. You knew another way out, but you didn’t want to turn the other way. You begin to like being sad being in pain. It became part of your life. But the surroundings of people made you realize how life is precious. As you watch your friends having a good time, you try to be happy with them but you can’t because the pain is eating you up. You want to disappear, you don’t want to cause them any pain. You know that they don’t deserve your pain. As time was flying away, and was flying closer to a new year. You knew that you needed to change, you knew that you needed friends to help you, encourage you,  and pray for you. You needed to be set free from the burden you were caring. You knew you had to much baggage on your back that you couldn’t carry anymore. That you needed freedom from that addiction, that the devil had no more room in your life. You would PROCLAIM ” In the Name of Jesus I am Free From my Sin , my Addiction Jesus has set me Free” I AM FREE  at that moment you said that, you felt all that baggage all that sin just fall off of you. You feel Free, no more addiction. Jesus has died on the cross for our Sins. Don’t let the devil deceive you. he will let you part of the world, but once you get hooked onto that you will see his world bigger but you will see your life, in sorrow, in pain and even your life will be in depression. The devil is sneaky don’t let him into your life. Proclaim Jesus He is our Father, Savior and God. 

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